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Your Real Estate Agency in Lugano.

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The Real Estate Agency that enhances the value of your properties and investments.

BeSpace Real Estate is the business unit of the BeSpace Group which operates in the real estate world with its head office in Paradiso, Lugano.

Specialized in the brokerage, sale and enhancement of real estate, it creates important partnerships, entrepreneurial and relational relationships aimed at advising clients and investors operating within a consolidated economy such as Switzerland.

BeSpace Real Estate sells, buys, rents, and offers 360-degree specialized consultancy in the real estate field, in Ticino and more.

In collaboration with the other business units, BeSpace Architectural Things and BeSpace Contract that deal with design and renovation, BeSpace Real Estate develops and promotes real estate projects at an international level, making architects and interior designers available to study customized strategies and make each property interesting and attractive on the market.

BeSpace Investments develops and promotes real estate projects with a focus on the Swiss territory. Through scrupulous scouting, it identifies construction land or buildings to renovate for sale, enhancing them through the development of quality architectural projects and obtaining the relevant building permit for construction.

Subsequently, it analyzes and structures the operations from a technical and financial point of view through dedicated companies set up ad hoc (new.co), begins the activity of raising own funds (equity) according to three distinct methods (club deal, structured note, crowdlending) and at the same time works with the banks to obtain a construction credit resolution.

Our Team

Discover our Team of professionals.

Diego Porzio

Head of Architecture & Construction

Angelo Gurrado

Head of Sales & ​Contract Manager

Marcello Gatto Monticone

Head of Sales & Acquisition Real Estate

Diego Fiorentini

Financial Advisor & ​Investor

Urs R. Ris

Real Estate Trustee

Michela RIS

Partner Studio Fiduciario Ris

Luigi Milanese

Back Office Manager

Federica Liso

Back Office Assistant

Magda Lilliu

Back Office Assistant

Claudia Andrei

Sales Agent

Nicolas Cascino

Sales Agent

Sabina Di Rosa

Sales Agent

Aris Ghilardi

Real Estate Trustee

Aneta Lelli

Sales Agent

Lia Luciano

Sales Agent

Noemi Marrali

Sales Agent

Barbara Sala

Sales Agent

Veronica Venturi

Sales Agent

Giuseppe Di Pierro

Construction & ​Project Manager

Daniela Scanu

Architect & Interior Designer

Alex Romano