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bespace13 December 2022

The Metaverse and real estate investment

In a world where everything is now possible and everything (or almost everything) has been created, many other parallel worlds are being created with the aim of escaping, communicating, marketing in an innovative way, using virtual space as an additional showcase of your business and your life. The Metaverse and virtual worlds are not a […]

bespace23 August 2022

The growth and investment potential of co-living

Co-living refers to a modern form of housing that combines private apartments with common areas and in which community, similar to co-working, is a central component of living together. To date, the co-living sector in Europe is the one that seems to best meet the changing needs of citizens, offering modern and flexible solutions in […]

bespace20 April 2022

Home Decor 2022

New year’s trends for home decoration. The new year is here, just like the new trends for home decor 2022. The year 2021 had already given us a foretaste of new design trends at Milan Design Week 2021. The Supersalone, during its last edition, put the spotlight on home decor trends. The main concepts were […]

bespace19 April 2022

Patio Houses project

Realisation of terraced houses in Pura, Switzerland. Terraced houses are often built according to tried and tested construction standards, without straining the imagination. We are going to present one of our terraced house projects, which has been designed with an eye for innovation and a special focus on green. Patio House: the project of terraced […]

bespace19 April 2022

Sustainable architecture

Green Building: what it is and how to recognise it. Sustainability is a key concept that has been gaining momentum in recent years and has become an important focus for many companies, public authorities and many others. The interesting feature of this topic is that it does not concern a single sector, but can and […]

bespace18 April 2022

Why choose a coworking space?

Let’s discover together the potential of co-working as an opportunity for professionals. Work is constantly evolving and how it is carried out is increasingly changing, especially with the advent of the Internet. Coworking is a new way of working that uses the sharing of a working environment to encourage collaboration and the exchange of ideas […]