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Everything you need to buy a home

It is not only a necessary asset that is purchased, but also a dream cultivated over time.

A good percentage of us want a life in a home tailored to our needs. Buying a house is considered the most important goal and, compared to this, many other things become secondary. However, sometimes the overwhelming desire for an own home makes people lose sight of essential concrete aspects or even lead them to act hastily. A buying and selling contract signed carelessly can have very unpleasant consequences.

Clear budget planning is also crucial when buying a property. Before starting negotiations, you should therefore know how much you are willing to spend and what your financial possibilities are.

We provide an extensive portfolio of properties that can be conveniently viewed in the agency or on the website. The advertisements come with specific services designed ad hoc for any eventuality. Our financial advisors will be able to assist and accompany you to make the best decision and face this important part of life with serenity and enthusiasm.

Our commitment to your success

Our experts base their sales strategies on customised solutions.

In addition to providing Real Estate advice, we assist you in all the delicate steps of the sales approach by providing saleability analysis, promotion and buyer selection up to the closing of the contract.

Our aim is to enhance the value of properties in order to facilitate their sale without devaluing them in terms of price. Thanks to our collaboration with Bespace, the DP Engineering design and renovation brand, we provide architects and interior designers and devise customised strategies to make each property interesting and attractive on the market and thus shorten the time it takes to sell.

We have experienced excellent results with clients who had been trying to sell their property for some time but without success. Lowering the price is not always the best strategy, sometimes small improvements, attention to detail and targeted actions followed by competent advisors greatly increase the chances of selling.



Your home for rent, without any worries

Choosing to rent a house is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity, but it involves many small and large risks.

You may certainly think you can do it on your own, and that may well be the case. But as you will have realised, there are many different aspects and situations that could arise, during which it is best to have technical support at hand. Our professional agents are constantly immersed in the relevant market and know how to mediate possible demands and succeed in bringing the parties to an optimal agreement.

Moreover, we will take care of the best possible construction of the advertisement by taking high-quality photographs, showing clean, well-kept rooms free of unnecessary objects, and structuring a valid text to be linked to the photo set.

Choose the best investment properties on the market

We select income properties with high yields and maximum profitability.

There are many different ways to invest in Real Estate, we select and propose several types depending on how much you are willing to put into them.

First rule to keep in mind: you will not have to look for them as if they were to become your home, you will have to think in a different way. You will not have to think about your needs and tastes! Our specialised agents will advise and accompany you throughout the process.

Furthermore, in cooperation with Becrowd, a Real Estate Investment Company, we develop and promote projects and investments internationally, with a focus on the Swiss territory.

Income property

Home Staging

Innovative services for a wow effect of the property

With our interior design and property marketing experts, we offer Home Staging and Virtual Home Staging services to help you sell or rent your property in the shortest time and at the right price.

Home Staging
It is not a renovation, but with simple and inexpensive details your home will be transformed into a cosy place where even more people can imagine themselves inside and dream of living!

After a careful analysis of the property, we understand its potential and enhance it, and furnish the house by improving the use of space, lights and colours.

Virtual Home Staging
It is not merely the graphic version of classic home staging, but rather an interior design project represented through photorealistic renderings. In this way it is possible to present the property at its best right from the advertisement.

This technique makes it possible to virtually furnish a space with such a resolution that the reality cannot be distinguished from the computer-generated realisation. It gives you the possibility to choose among many types of furnishings according to your taste or the latest fashions.

Helping you imagine your home

Floor plans and 3Ds make room visualisation clear and simple and show a preview of the potential and essence of a fully furnished home.

Buyers know their needs and visualising the distribution of rooms and their dimensions will enable them to understand whether or not a flat meets their expectations.

Standard floor plans are usually not suitable for publication in the photo gallery of property advertisements. Including a professional floor plan is an important aspect and an important part of the documentation to be handed over at the time of sale.

3D visualisation gives you the opportunity to visualise spaces in your home with your new furniture. All we need are photos of the room you want to work in and a floor plan or sketch with measurements of the room. We take care of the rest! The result will be photorealistic images that you can use to visualise the final effect and easily choose your new furnishings.

Our interior designers have designed the proposals to meet every style requirement.

Floor plans and 3D

Valuations and appraisals

An important aspect for buyers and sellers

Many owners do not really know the market value of their property and often associate it to the sentimental value of the property at the time of sale.

The only way to get a realistic price on the property market is to know the real value of your property based on data. It varies over economic cycles and is dependent on changes in supply and demand and the target market.

Our experts specialise in property valuations and appraisals according to Swiss and international valuation standards in order to assist you in setting a suitable sales price. This is a very critical issue because a price that is too high can discourage potential buyers, while a price that is too low can result in huge losses.

Promoting your property with modern tools

The successful marketing of a property is not only about publication on the company website or in property portals. We use other valuable marketing and communication aids such as professional photo shoots, monographs and evocative videos created by experienced video makers to enhance any property.

On request we can promote the property on international circuits through search engine marketing campaigns on the main search engines. Not forgetting our international visibility: the site is translated into 4 languages (Italian, English, French and German).

In this way, each ad can be seen by customers all over the world and customised according to their needs and target market.


Design and development

We think up and implement new projects, so we never get bored

In collaboration with the other business units of the BeSpace Group, we develop and promote real estate projects and investments at an international level, with a focus on the Swiss territory.

The first step is to identify building plots or buildings for renovation for sale by enhancing their value through the development of a quality architectural project and obtaining the relevant building permit for construction.

We then analyse and structure the operations from a technical and financial point of view through ad hoc dedicated companies ( and we start the activity of raising equity according to three different modalities (club deal, structured note, crowdlending).

See our Under Construction section to discover our “Ready to Go” projects.

Buying in cryptocurrencies

A new service for our customers

The rise and use of cryptocurrencies is one of the predominant themes of modern finance, since the publication of Satoshi Nakamoto’s project in 2008, where the first direct peer-to-peer payment system was explained.

BeSpace Real Estate is now among the first Real Estate agencies in the area to be ‘crypto-friendly’ because it accepts payments in many different types of digital currencies.

The type of crypto to be used will be assessed at the time, according to the client’s situation and portfolio.

A dedicated team is available to support and direct the client to specialised professionals in this financial sector.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to find the best solution together with you.

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